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Meet some cool people

These are some of my favorite people to follow–they say insightful, thoughtful things about teaching math.

Kate Nowak teaches high school math in New York. She has a lot of good ideas for teaching math concepts well. Some of them use computers in a direct way, others don’t.

Dan Meyer is the star of the group. He used to teach high school math in California, but he’s is grad school full time right now. He started the What Can You Do With This? discussions. Here’s an example of Dan in action.

Sam Shah shares lots of good stuff he uses in his classroom, and he’ll also tell you why he blogs and twitters. It’s all about having a PLC/PLN (Personal Learning Community/Personal Learning Network).

Reilly Lark shares how he uses Geogebra. He also organized a virtual conference on soft skills last summer.

Maria Anderson teaches algebra and calculus in college. She has great math tech reviews and she may be the fastest math typist around (using, of course, MathType).

Where do you come in? There’s a lot you can learn from these teachers. There’s also a lot you can learn from each other. You’ll each become an author and contribute to this blog. Click on “register” on the bottom of the left column, and get started!

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